The family is grateful to the many who were able to attend the memorial service held on November 18th, 2023 and share in the joys of remembering Millie’s wonderful life and ministry. We also know that many were unable to attend in person for various reasons, and we hope that the video below will give them a glimpse into the events of that day.

Below you will find Millie’s obituary which should also be visible on the funeral home website. At the bottom of this page is a section which allows for you to leave a public comment and the family encourages anyone to use this space to record a memory of Millie that is special to you. If email is easier for you, we also welcome anyone to send stories or memories to .

Mildred (Millie) Szczurak (née Reeves), was called home to heaven on October 20th, 2023, after a brief hospital stay which ended in a peaceful transition while she slept, surrounded by family keeping watch and singing the hymns she loved so dearly.

Millie’s time on earth began on March 6th, 1927, when Harry and Hazel Reeves welcomed a baby girl into their growing family which already included older siblings Harry, Naomi (Jean), and Walter, and would soon be complete with the addition of younger sisters Barbara and Shirley.

Her 96 years encompassed many seasons as a familiar face in village life. Even from the earliest days of her childhood, she attended the Sunday School that eventually became East Hazel Crest Bible Church, of which she was a founding member. Throughout her life she served in many different roles at Church where she had a lasting impact on everyone that knew her, and where her legacy will live on.

Her marriage to Emil Szczurak in 1947 began her occupation as a homemaker, a role she filled for many years. In her later years, she gained great enjoyment from her fellowship with other women in the Dorcas Circle at church and in the local chapter of the homemakers association. Millie’s work in the community included many years volunteering at Ingalls hospital, where she brightened patients’ lives with flowers at their bedside. She also had a long relationship volunteering at a place she felt called to support; Life In Messiah (formerly A.M.F) (, where she couldn’t wait for the days when the call went out for help folding letters and stuffing envelopes.

Millie was especially called by God to support and encourage mission work around the world and was often pleased to offer hospitality to visiting missionaries. This desire to learn about the world also manifested itself in a life filled with travel, which became a key part of her identity after her husband passed away in 1986.

Millie was one to call a friend out of the blue and say, “Let’s go for a drive!” often for no better reason than to enjoy the scenery. Some companions became used to regular adventures all across America, and once a trip overseas as well! These trips often provided mementos in the form of T-shirts for her grandchildren, Elisabeth and David, who have followed in her footsteps with travels of their own.

Family was a core value for Millie, who expressed her love for others in cards and letters to encourage and uplift everyone the Lord brought to her mind. She was often found on the phone calling up relatives and friends and keeping those connections strong, in spite of the distance. Her son, Stephen, paved the way for some of the greatest joys in her life by his marriage to Jo Anne; with that she gained a beloved daughter, and in due time her precious grandchildren. This tradition of valuing family connections continues, and the family cherishes their ongoing fellowship with all their relatives, and enjoys finding new connections through Jo Anne’s interest in genealogy.

In her later years, although her health remained excellent, physical limitations began to restrict Millie’s activities and adventures. She took great joy in watching her extended family grow, and telling stories to the children, some of whom share names with those who have gone before.

The loss felt by the family, and by all who knew Millie, is indeed tremendous. But her mission in life was clear to all – even to those who heard her answering machine… which said, “God wants you to know that Jesus loves you, and so do I.”

If she could speak a message to anyone reading this, it’s beyond question that she would have a chat about Jesus ( and say that you, too, can join her in the peace of Heaven by admitting that you are a sinner, believing that Jesus died to provide you with salvation, and committing your life to His control.

The family who remain look forward with confidence to being reunited with Millie, and they pray that one day you will join her in Heaven, too.

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The family welcomes donations to Millie’s lifelong church, East Hazel Crest Bible Church, in lieu of flowers.

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    Millie loved tea, I imagine anyone that knew her is well aware of that fact. But I recall a story she told of being very young, and wanting to have tea “just like the grown ups”, and being given, by her mother? I’m not sure who it was, a teacup which held a bit of tea, and mostly milk… which she called “paper tea”. And to this day, if I put cream in my tea, I watch the “bloom” of the milk rise, and think of Millie’s “paper tea”.

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