Pastor’s Letter

Welcome to East Hazel Crest

Dear Friends,

One of the characteristics of our times is the lack of meaningful relationships. We reside in communities where people live near us, but we never get to know them. We may smile or even wave as we drive down the street; but how often do we take the time to establish friendships with each other? We don’t!

Because your home and our church are located within a few blocks or so of each other, we thought it is time we got acquainted. You have seen our buildings and observed our people entering or leaving our services. But a church is more than a building or a denomination or particular religion. It is a group of people who come together for a special purpose.

We gather in our services to enter into a meaningful relationship with each other and the Lord Himself. We would like to extend a warm invitation for you and your family to come and visit with us in one of our services so we can get acquainted. Yes, its taking a chance; but you just might enjoy it. We would certainly love to have you.

We are a casual church and suggest you come dressed in manner that is comfortable for you. We do!

Perhaps you might like to come by this Sunday and see what we are like. Consider this a special invitation to you and yours.